• gary.r.reinke

Tuesday Open House Programming Expansion. Your Ideas are welcome.

What would you like to talk about on Tuesday nights?

The regular Tuesday night Open House program is now being held on the second

Tuesday of each month. A committee is evaluating the content of Tuesday night talks with the purpose of attracting more newcomers to the center.

The committee is exploring an expansion of program content to include presentations and discussions of how the Shambhala teachings and culture manifest in society at large. Topic possibilities include the relation of Shambhala mindfulness training to other traditions and applications, health and wellness issues, the contemplative arts and other topics that relate to the manifestation of basic goodness and the aspiration to create enlightened society.

The committee would like your input on topics you would like to see addressed in Tuesday Night Open House gatherings. Suggestions for guest speakers, video presentations, panel discussions, and other ideas are welcome.

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