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Shantel Troska brings The Shambhala Center to life on facebook

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

If you haven't checked out the Milwaukee Shambhala Center facebook page in a while, take a look. Shantel Troska, our not-so-long-ago transplant from Chicago is updating the page with all kinds of relevant stuff that you should definitely "like."

Social media sites like Facebook have the power to help us stay connected (mindfully, of course). By visiting our center's Facebook page, our members and friends can learn about upcoming programming, read a dharma article, or perhaps a quote by the Sakyong. It is also a valuable tool to help introduce our Center, our programming and basic goodness to a larger audience.

With more activity on our Facebook page, we have witnessed an uptick in those interested in meditation, mindfulness, and Shambhala in general. This can be seen in the increase in new followers of the page and in the increase of new people coming to programs who heard about the event on Facebook.

So check out and like our Facebook page, share our events with your friends or share something on our wall!

Shantel Troska, Comms Team

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