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Building Committee Formed

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

Sarah Osborne, Tom Hade, Anne Desellier, John Neil Thompson and Napa Chayaworakul step up to oversee the care and maintenance of our building and lead us to fulfilling our dream of magnificent renovation.

The roof has been been patched, at least annually, for years. It's leaking again. The leaks have caused structural damage to the exterior south wall of our building. Repairs will be costly. There is no regular maintenance review and long-term plan for keeping our building structurally sound and maintained, inside and out. We have numerous committees and scores of warriors dedicated to our community and its mission of teaching and practicing meditation and the Shambhala dharma. There is no building committee.

Until now.

Monday, March 3, marked the organizational meeting of the new Shambhala Center building committee. Sarah Osborne, Tom Hade, Anne Desellier, John Neil Thompson and Napa Chayaworakul, all individuals with special skills related to issues of our physical space, have volunteered to serve.

The charter of the committee, as discussed and defined at the meeting on the 3rd, is wide ranging. It encompasses the two broad areas of maintaining the physical integrity of the building as it stands, inside and out, and developing a long-term proposal for phased building renovations.

Looking to the near-term future, the committee will "embody Shambhala vision" in developing proposals to: 1) expand the amount of community space at the center and 2) provide a general "uplift" of our our existing space.

Long-term, the committee will "inspire our future" by developing a proposal for major building renovations that address the visioning work done last year by the Building Renovation Exploration Committee.

Click here to view the Report of the Building Renovation Exploration Committee.

The committee's first steps will be to organize their internal working structure including means of communicating with the Governing Council. And to proceed with the ongoing work of addressing the repair issues around the roof and south wall.

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